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Finding accurate data on your consumers have become very difficult especially since data privacy has become such a huge deal. Due to this problem, a lot of brands and companies out there are using third party data collection techniques which are not at all accurate. By using third party data collection, companies get anonymous user activity, but this is not required when you are trying to build a truly meaningful user experience. However, don’t just lose hope because there still are ways that you can use to get better and more accurate data that you can use for the betterment of the user. One of the most effective ways is to go for social login.

What is Social Login?

If you are new to all of this, then chances are that you don’t know what social login is. Well, it is something that really makes the lives of users on the internet a lot simpler. Generally, users don’t like it when they are asked to fill out a registration form. This is because filling out a form is boring and takes a lot of time. Some users even leave the website whenever they are asked to fill out a form. Social login aims to fix this problem by providing the users with a simple way to login to the website. Almost everyone out there has a social media account, so with the help of social login the user can simply register to the website by using their existing social media account.

In this way, the website owner can get rich data including things like interests, relationship’s, age, gender, and even location. Another thing that you can get with social login is confirmation that the person visiting your website is really a human being. When you can identify the person based on actual information, it becomes easier for you to provide the user with an experience that they might actually enjoy.

Where Does Social Login Stand?

Social login, especially social login apps for Shopify platform is growing at a very rapid speed, this is because more and more business is starting to understand the importance of this login method. Shopify login with social network accounts also ensures faster registration which means faster conversion rates. It is considered to be a key component to get access to identity data that is relevant to the user. The best part in all of this is that social login is completely permission-based, therefore you can only get access to the data if the user allows it. There are a lot of social media platforms that the users can opt for when they are registering to a website. However, studies suggest that more than 70% of users choose Facebook.

The Benefits of Social Login for Consumers

Social login is not only beneficial for your business but instead, it also brings in loads of benefits for the consumers. This is easily understandable because if this wasn’t the case, then users will not have opted for this signup method. According to stats, over 70% of the users have said that they logged on websites using social media accounts. There are a lot of benefits of social logins and some of them are mentioned below.

One of the main benefits of social login is that users don’t need to remember their username and password for all of the different websites. People just don’t have the time to remember passwords for all of the websites that they like. Chances are that if they forget the password they might not even visit the website again. However, with social login, this isn’t an issue, because everyone remembers the passwords to their social media accounts. There is just one account that connects the user to everything.

Another benefit of social login is that it allows to user to register to a website they like in a matter of seconds. Sometimes, creating a new password and username isn’t an issue, the user just doesn’t feel like filling out a form. Luckily, with social login there is no need to fill out a form, all you need to do is click on a social media platform of your choice and enter your credentials. Just like that, you will have registered to the website.

Modern consumers don’t just want to read the content of the website, they instead like to discuss it. With the help of social login, this becomes easy because with social media you are always connected with your friends. With just a click of a button, you can easily share the content that you were reading with your friends so that they can catch up and have a discussion.

Lastly, perhaps the main reason why social login is so popular is that it allows the user to get a personalized experience when they are visiting a website. This happens because, with social login, the user gives the website a lot of meaningful information that the website uses to create the perfect user experience.

Benefits for Business

Social login is obviously also beneficial for business and there are a lot of pros that it brings. Most importantly, with the help of apps for social login Shopify, the website can get access to permission-based customer data. Customer data is invaluable and in the online world, it is everything that people talk about. With this data, you can make sure that you can give the customer the best possible experience and recommend those products and services that they are actually interested in.

Another benefit is that with this methodology, you can convert unknown visitors into actual customers. This is because when an unknown person comes to your website and only needs to register using social media, they won’t think twice. Social login has made life a lot easier for both the customer and the business because in the end, it is all about traffic. If more people register to your website and enjoy what they find, then they surely will talk about their experience with others and this will bring in more traffic.

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