Highly Impressive Abandoned Shopping Cart Notifications

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The Importance of Shopping Cart

E-commerce is surely the order of the day. According to one statistic, E-commerce alone is generating profits worth $300 billion. The major contributor in the high sales of the E-commerce sector is E-commerce with online stores based on Prestashop.

There are a lot of obstacles that need to be overcome in E-commerce business and one of the major obstacles is the Abandoned cart. One of the reports revealed the fact that around 68.6% of digital E-commerce or transactions get abandoned before the actual purchase has been made.


The reason behind the Abandonment of Shopping carts

You may be having the best Prestashop services and the best Prestashop website. Furthermore, Prestashop has a lot of abandoned cart reminder module to help you solve this issue. With the top developers in open source, they always do their best to create the feature modules . However, you must be witnessing those customers when just about to make the purchase abandon their order. This is a common phenomenon that has been observed and witnessed in the E-commerce world. The CEO of famous “Stuff N Style” Mr Nguyen is of the view that there are three factors that result in this highly irritating phenomenon:

  • The customers lack of urgency
  • Interruption
  • The interest of the customer is limited

A 2018 survey on the subject gave the following results

Price ·         32% of the customers thought the product as very expensive

·         The cost was found unexpected by 56% of customers

·         36% of the customers found a much better price


Technology ·         25% of the customers found the website too difficult when it comes to navigation

·         15% of the customers faced the issue of website getting timed out

·         The website crashed in 24% of the cases

·         21% of the customers found that the purchasing process is too fast

Commitment Issue ·         26% of the customers did not make the purchase

·         37% of the customers were just browsing

Security ·         17%  of the customers did not purchase the product because they thought that payment security is not their

·         Too much security checks was the concern of 18% of customers



The Main Strategies

The only way through which you can actually push the customers to complete the abandoned transaction was to send them relevant notifications. There are several notification strategies that can be adopted by you. Furthermore, Prestashop has a lot of abandoned cart reminder module to help you solve this issue. With the top developers in open source, they always do their best to create the feature modules, we can’t ignore Prestashop abandoned cart. Why? In the headings below we have briefly discussed these strategies

1.      Commitment and Passive Shopper

In many cases the clients add the product in their shopping cart however due to reasons like too much price or lack of desire for the product they really do not push for the product.  In such a case a notification can be sent which may result in enhancing the contact point the utilizer have with the particular product? The push notifications can be coupled with an inducement to make it more result oriented.

2.      Creation of Urgency

There are some customers who like the product and who also add it in their shopping cart however when it comes to purchasing, they are not in a hurry. For such customers you can place a limited time price incentive or you may push the notification when the product is about to get out of the stock.

3.      Right Timing

A famous digital marketing professional by the name of Bradbury is of the view that Timing plays a major role and is the key.  Many people send the alert message very early; similarly some delay it for too long. Neither of these strategies is fruitful, rather a balanced approach must be taken in this regard.

4.      Problem Solving

Mere price is not something because of which the customer may not be finishing of the purchasing process. There is no harm in sending an email to the customer in order to find what trouble he or she is facing. This is a good way to get the abandoned purchasers back.

5.      Uninterrupted Shopper

Interruptions can also cause abandonment issue as well however this is not very common. If such a thing happens then all you can do is to send a notification to the client or user that he or she is having a product in the shopping cart.

6.      Personality

It is relatively easy as far as making the customers to get products in their shopping cart is concerned. Of course if a customer is for any reason not buying the product then in such as a case a notification email can be sent. However the notification should not be dry rather rich promotional content should be there in it.

7.      Be Precise and Specific

Mere abandoned shopping cart email will not solve the problem. There are many customers who simply ignore these emails and notifications. To get the right response, these notifications should be crafted with lot of sense. The notification should be customized and the customer must feel that he is the one who has been directly spoken too.

Customer Retention

Famous Bradbury says that abandoned notifications serve as the key to recovery what could be simply a lost sale.  The strategies that have been mentioned above can really make things happen for you!

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