PrestaShop Newsletter Popup Module

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PrestaShop is undoubtedly one of the best tools that you can use today for building websites and making them more useable. A Blog module is absolutely necessary for you when it comes to blog management of your website. There are many options in the market as far as Blog module is concerned however not every module out their delivers what it promises. One of the best blog module that you can use nowadays is none other than PrestaShop Newsletter Popup Module.

What Is PrestaShop Newsletter Popup Module?

The PrestaShop Newsletter Popup Module is one of the most useful modules that you can use on a website. With the help of this module you can have a beautiful newsletter subscription form popup on the website. This module is very helpful especially if you are searching for more and new subscriptions to your website every day. One of the best things about PrestaShop’s Newsletter Popup Module is that it features over 9 templates that are very easy to customize and can easily match your PrestaShop website.

The Features

PrestaShop Newsletter Popup Module is home to some amazing features that can help you create the most amazing website, you can research “Everything About Popup Messages“. They are as follows:

1.      Design

Design is one of the most important aspects to consider when you are working with a website. Without good design it would be almost impossible to attract any customers and that would be detrimental for your website. In addition to over 9 customizable templates, PrestaShop Newsletter Popup Module features many more helpful attributes. For one, the module allows the user to create their own templates for maximum personalization. For this customization you can use things like, custom CSS, custom color, short codes and HTML editor.

The module also features over 6 animation effects that can easily give some aesthetics to your newsletter popup. You can cycle through many different animations and it is a real bonus.

2.      Advanced Features

The features that PrestaShop Newsletter Popup Module brings along are exceptionally good. One such feature that gives you the control over the popups is time options. With the help of this feature you can fully control the frequency and duration of the newsletter popup. Another feature that you get access to with PrestaShop Newsletter Popup Module is custom content.

With the help of this feature you can decide that what type of content and messages you want to be displayed on the newsletter popup. With the help of other such feature you can even have links to various social media websites on the newsletter popup. This increases connectivity and allows users to easily share the newsletter with the people they know.

3.      Emails

When you are dealing with subscriptions and confirmations then emails play a very important role. Verification emails are something that are required on both ends so that a connection can be established between the website and the subscriber. With the help of PrestaShop Newsletter Popup Module you can easily manage the sending and receiving of confirmation emails and that is certainly an added advantage of this module.

4.      Others

Some of the other helpful features that you can use with PrestaShop Newsletter Popup Module are mentioned below:

  • Full synchronization with PrestaShop Newsletter System.
  • Responsive PrestaShop newsletter popup module.
  • Add voucher codes with HTML.
  • Ajax submission.
  • Custom popup delay time.
  • Custom CSS editor
  • Just press “ESC” key to hide popup.


With the help of PrestaShop Newsletter Popup Module you also get a few additional perks that can enhance the whole user experience.

For starters, when you purchase this module you automatically get 3 months of support and updates. This means that after you purchase the newsletter popup module then you will get technical support for 90 days and you can even get access to the updates of the product as well.

There is another feature that is known as “option Zen”, with this feature you can get access to two services. The first service is that you get access to all the updates that are released during the time that you avail the option Zen. The second service is that you also get unlimited after-sales support during the period.


These were some of the main thigs that you should know about PrestaShop Newsletter Popup Module.

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