SEO and Small Business: The Link!

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The concept of entrepreneurship or self-start-up is increasing every passing day. There are many young entrepreneurs who are making huge profits by starting something of their own. There are numerous reasons behind this phenomenon however one major reason is that the young generation of today wants more freedom and they do not just want a simple 9-5 job. These young people idealize people like Gary Vaynerchuck and Bill Gates.

A Profitable investment

Most of the young people out there who want to do a business of their own usually lack the initial funds for advertisement. The option under such a situation for these people is to do something online. They come up with a webpage and start selling whatever items they want to sell. From these small start-ups one day they become famous all over the world. A good example of this kind of investment is Jack Ma the founder of

The Importance of SEO

For a small business, we can’t be ignored: The importance of SEO for E-commerce (eg: Prestashop, Magento, Woocommerce, Opencart, etc)! SEO means search engine optimization and without going into any kind of technical details you can understand it as something which helps you achieve high ranking on Google or any other search engine.

Since small businesses usually lack the funds for 360 degree marketing hence the only thing which they can really afford is their website and its optimization. Of course for this optimization they need to come up with right SEO as well. For Prestashop e-commerce websites, installing Prestashop SEO module is a MUST to increase traffic and push the website to Google top 1. In the headings below we have stated the key reasons behind why SEO simply cannot be ignored by small business entrepreneurs

1.      User Experience

The biggest benefit which SEO provides lies in the fact that it provides the users with the best, friendliest and fastest experience possible. The basic purpose of the search engine is to provide the utilizers what they are searching for; if it achieves this goal then both parties are content and happy. Of course a visitor which is happy will ultimately transform into a returning visitor.

2.      Reach

The majority of people, show a lot of trust when it comes to search engine results. If a popular search engine like Google places “XYZ” on top of its ranking then people will automatically believe in XYZ and purchase its service or product.

A person who has visited XYZ will ultimately tell his friends about his experience with XYZ. Such a person may contact his friend on social media and leave the link of XYZ there as well to be clicked.  The multiplication law works pretty fast and before a blink of an eye a hundred people use the product or service of XYZ.

The question is that why such a thing happened? Well the answer is, the search engine complemented everything with perfection and it all directed to XYZ.

3.      Conversion

Search engine optimization attracts all those individuals who are already search for your service or product. You do not need to convince anyone that you have the solution. The audience out there already knows that solution is there. All you need to do is to make yourself visible online.

The visibility can only be achieved by getting yourself top ranked on a search engine. Once you achieve the top rank, people will naturally open your webpage and most importantly make the necessary purchase as well.

SEO actually enhances your conversion rate however SEO will convince the visitor to visit your page. You need to have the right kind of solutions, webpage design and content to actually make your visitor a profitable one.

4.      Brand Awareness

As stated already, people really trust the results of the search engine. If “XYZ” is top ranked this does not make the people immediately convinced about it, they simply do not start ordering from XYZ.  People usually file XYZ or bookmark it.

Before making the final decision they simple go clicking all over the world. SEO increases the frequency of your website. The more the people search the more they see your webpage. Ultimately they click it and make the purchase.

5.      Tracking

Professional SEO will really increase your daily traffic however there is an additional benefit as well which SEO actually provides to you. This benefit is in the form of Google Analytics. Through Google Analytics you can learn more about the people who are visiting your webpage.

Google Analytics will tell the likes and dislikes of your customers, their thinking pattern and most importantly their behavior pertaining to purchasing.

In a Nutshell: Learn SEO

As a small business owner it will be very hard for you to hire a SEO professional. It is recommended that you should learn SEO by your own. You can follow the mentioned steps for this purpose

  • Find the beginner level resources for yourself
  • Start practicing whatever you have learnt
  • Try finding mentor!
  • If you wish, join a group of SEO personnel
  • Monitor the news sites of SEO
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