Starting a Blog in 2018: The Methodology!

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A Blog: Why?

If you want to know your true potential in this boom or ere of digitalization then you need to start blogging. The current year in 2018 is ideal for starting such an exercise.  You need to start with blogging immediately if you want to prosper in the year 2018. In the headings below we have discussed some reasons why you need a blog in 2018.

1.      More Audience

A blog actually serves as a bridge between you and your audience. Secondly, a blog is the best medium when it comes to boosting of online influence. However to create such an influence you need to come up with engaging and quality content. You need to socialize keeping into consideration your thoughts as well as mindset.

2.      Source of Rapport and Engagement

Coherency results in the higher engagement of audience with the blog. If you are able to create a unique set of people then this will automatically improve overall frequency of the visitors. The phenomenon will ultimately result in the development of greater rapport.

The blog is the importance of SEO for E-commerce, It can attract any more customers visit your website and increase the business benefits of E-commerce!

For the creation of community and boosting of agenda you need to target a specific set of individuals. In 2018 it is perceived that companies will use influencer strategy to market their services and products. This means that opportunities for bloggers are huge this year. Good engagement will result in high reward.

3.      Make Cash

To make cash you need to impose ad revenue. To get the best revenue for the blog, it is preferred that you should go for Google AdSense. The best way to earn money nowadays is to go for Pay-per-click advertisements.

Product placement is another way through which money can be made. All you need to do in this regard is to endorse different brands or you may even sell your own product or service.

4.      Assist Individuals

If your blog has high reach then through this you can contact different people who are in need of your care and support.  You can provide relevant aid to individuals who want to raise funds and who are in need. A Blog can really make a huge difference in today’s world.

5.      Reasoning and Writing Skills

To come up with the right blog you need to come up with a deep understanding with regards to the topic on which you want to ride. For a professional blog you need to do extensive research and exploration.  You need to be consistent with your blog if you want to get your writing skills and speed improved.

The Art of Blogging

Now let’s see some of the key things that play a huge role as far as coming up with an attractive and proficient blog is concerned:

1.      The Blogging Platform

The platform serves as the base of your blogging. You need to choose your platform very carefully. To choose a platform you need to check the functionality and interface. The functionality should be high and the interface should be safe and secure.

Some well-known platforms are PrestaShop, Blogger and Tumblr etc.  The most popular among these platforms is PrestaShop. The platform is currently used by around 72 million people belonging to different countries of the world. You can choose the PrestaShop Blog to create the professional blog to share your knowledge, product or duscus a news with your customers and fans.  The major benefits linked with PrestaShop are as follows

  • The platform is highly customizable with a lot of themes
  • The platform is free and open source
  • The platform is home to security checks and serves as a shield as far as hacking is concerned

2.      Hosting and Domain Name

Try to come up with a domain name which is very easy to memorize. However the name should be linked with the overall theme of your webpage. The domain name’s cost may vary.  The web hosting should be selected keeping into consideration the uptime in account and the load speed.

3.      Blog Designing

You need to select from a good number of themes as far as designing of blog is concerned.  Secondly you need to get the plugins installed too. Lastly your blog should be SEO friendly too.

PrestaShop can be a great help in this regard since it is home to 2000 designed themes.  You can set down some links on your blog, simple URLs are the key to success in the case of Blog

4.      Addition of posts and pages

After following the above mentioned tips now you are ready to get your blog posted. The key to posting is that the content should be relevant and redirects the customer from one particular blog to another. Plagiarized content is a cardinal sin, so you should avoid it. The content should be original.

5.      Blog Promotion

To get the right results you need to promote the blog and this can done by making the relevant connections with different bloggers already in the field. You also need to learn Google Webmaster Tools if you really want to succeed.  You also need to integrate the blog with social media.

Start Now!

A Blog really has a great impact on your perception and lifestyle. It is the best means to connect with the entire globe.

“Don’t Waste Time, Start Now”

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