Everything About Popup Messages


Popups are something that most of us hate, they tend to get in our way when we are surfing the web and ruin our experience. However, many of the websites today still favor popups, why do they favor it? What is so good about popups? Well as annoying as they may seem, popups have many uses and they work very well for any webpage.

The Uses

The most common use of popups is to give the visitor the most important piece of information. This is the kind of information which the user might otherwise miss. By having a popup being displayed on the screen it is very difficult to let the message go unnoticed.

Popups are mostly used to collect emails and subscribers for a website. According to research, a website that would only receive roughly 10 subscribers a day increased its turnaround just by implementing popups. After using popups to attract visitors, the website was able to receive 100 to 150 subscribers a day. That is a way to SEO your website.

Why Do You Need Subscribers?

When you talk about a business, then one thing that you need to know that your customers will never stay if you do not give them what they want. In many instances you can succeed in attracting customers only to find out that they are slowly drifting away. A business is a like a bucket with holes in it and your customers are the water. If you keep on filling up the bucket with customers then they will just keep falling out.

By letting the customers subscribe to the website you can always get back to them even after they have left your website. You can always send those old customers some promotional emails so that they can come back to your website.

Types Of Popups

For a layman there is just one type of popup, but that is not necessarily the truth. Instead, the truth is that there are five kinds of popups. They are:

  • Content Based
  • Scroll Based
  • Exit Intent
  • Pop Out
  • Time Based

1.      Content Based

As the name suggests, content based popups are only triggered when the relevant content is displayed on the page. This means that the user can only view this popup whenever they are on a certain page. This kind of popup is very useful especially when you want to emphasize on a certain topic.

2.      Scroll Based

Scroll based popups only show up on the screen when the user has scrolled a certain distance on the web page. The most common place where scroll based popups are used are on blog posts. The use of this type of popup is that it does not give the information to the user until and unless he hasn’t spent a specific amount of time on the web page.

3.      Exit Intent

The exit intent popup uses cursor tracking to display the popup. As the name suggests, exit intent popups are only displayed when it seems like the user is about to leave the page. Whenever the cursor tracking algorithm predicts that the user is reaching for the cross or back button then it will allow the popup to be displayed.

4.      Pop Out

Pop-outs are very similar to popups but they do not block the user from the rest of the web page. These popups do not come in between the web page and ruin the browsing experience. Instead pop outs can be seen appearing from the side of the browsers. If the user wants to see the pop up message then they can choose to see it, otherwise they can continue browsing.

5.      Time Based

A time based popup is useful in many ways, instead of blasting a message in the face of the user as soon as he logs on to a website, a time based popup decides to wait. This type of popup waits for a definite amount of time (mostly 60 seconds) before showing the popup message.

The Final Word

These were some of the most important things that you should know about using popup messages on a web page.

SEO and Small Business: The Link!



The concept of entrepreneurship or self-start-up is increasing every passing day. There are many young entrepreneurs who are making huge profits by starting something of their own. There are numerous reasons behind this phenomenon however one major reason is that the young generation of today wants more freedom and they do not just want a simple 9-5 job. These young people idealize people like Gary Vaynerchuck and Bill Gates.

A Profitable investment

Most of the young people out there who want to do a business of their own usually lack the initial funds for advertisement. The option under such a situation for these people is to do something online. They come up with a webpage and start selling whatever items they want to sell. From these small start-ups one day they become famous all over the world. A good example of this kind of investment is Jack Ma the founder of Alibaba.com

The Importance of SEO

For a small business, we can’t be ignored: The importance of SEO for E-commerce (eg: Prestashop, Magento, Woocommerce, Opencart, etc)! SEO means search engine optimization and without going into any kind of technical details you can understand it as something which helps you achieve high ranking on Google or any other search engine.

Since small businesses usually lack the funds for 360 degree marketing hence the only thing which they can really afford is their website and its optimization. Of course for this optimization they need to come up with right SEO as well. For Prestashop e-commerce websites, installing Prestashop SEO module is a MUST to increase traffic and push the website to Google top 1. In the headings below we have stated the key reasons behind why SEO simply cannot be ignored by small business entrepreneurs

1.      User Experience

The biggest benefit which SEO provides lies in the fact that it provides the users with the best, friendliest and fastest experience possible. The basic purpose of the search engine is to provide the utilizers what they are searching for; if it achieves this goal then both parties are content and happy. Of course a visitor which is happy will ultimately transform into a returning visitor.

2.      Reach

The majority of people, show a lot of trust when it comes to search engine results. If a popular search engine like Google places “XYZ” on top of its ranking then people will automatically believe in XYZ and purchase its service or product.

A person who has visited XYZ will ultimately tell his friends about his experience with XYZ. Such a person may contact his friend on social media and leave the link of XYZ there as well to be clicked.  The multiplication law works pretty fast and before a blink of an eye a hundred people use the product or service of XYZ.

The question is that why such a thing happened? Well the answer is, the search engine complemented everything with perfection and it all directed to XYZ.

3.      Conversion

Search engine optimization attracts all those individuals who are already search for your service or product. You do not need to convince anyone that you have the solution. The audience out there already knows that solution is there. All you need to do is to make yourself visible online.

The visibility can only be achieved by getting yourself top ranked on a search engine. Once you achieve the top rank, people will naturally open your webpage and most importantly make the necessary purchase as well.

SEO actually enhances your conversion rate however SEO will convince the visitor to visit your page. You need to have the right kind of solutions, webpage design and content to actually make your visitor a profitable one.

4.      Brand Awareness

As stated already, people really trust the results of the search engine. If “XYZ” is top ranked this does not make the people immediately convinced about it, they simply do not start ordering from XYZ.  People usually file XYZ or bookmark it.

Before making the final decision they simple go clicking all over the world. SEO increases the frequency of your website. The more the people search the more they see your webpage. Ultimately they click it and make the purchase.

5.      Tracking

Professional SEO will really increase your daily traffic however there is an additional benefit as well which SEO actually provides to you. This benefit is in the form of Google Analytics. Through Google Analytics you can learn more about the people who are visiting your webpage.

Google Analytics will tell the likes and dislikes of your customers, their thinking pattern and most importantly their behavior pertaining to purchasing.

In a Nutshell: Learn SEO

As a small business owner it will be very hard for you to hire a SEO professional. It is recommended that you should learn SEO by your own. You can follow the mentioned steps for this purpose

  • Find the beginner level resources for yourself
  • Start practicing whatever you have learnt
  • Try finding mentor!
  • If you wish, join a group of SEO personnel
  • Monitor the news sites of SEO

The importance of SEO for E-commerce!



Merely having an E-commerce website will not solve your problems when it comes to online business. No matter how beautiful your webpage may look and no matter how wonderful may be your content? All this activity will be useless if your customers or target market does not know in the first place whether you website exists or not!

You need to make your website prominent in different popular search engines which we have out there. For prominence you need to increase the ranking of your webpage and this ranking can only be increased by applying a technique or skill which we normally call “SEO”.

SEO refers to search engine optimization. It is basically a process of influencing the online visibility of a webpage or website in a search engine’s unpaid outcomes— commonly referred to as earned, natural or organic results.

In majority of the cases, if a website appears in the search results frequently then this phenomenon ultimately contributes to the receiving of more visitors from the users of the particular search engine. Of course these visitors are the ones which ultimately transform into final customers. The search engine which is highly popular all over the globe is Google.

General Benefits

The general benefits of SEO are as follows

  • It helps in building of customers
  • It helps in the exploration of new markets
  • Better conversion rates can be achieved by SEO
  • Brand awareness can be made via SEO

E-commerce and SEO

Whether your company is small or big, you will surely require SEO for the maximization of your webpage’s or company’s profitability. In the headings below we have mentioned three major reasons because of which we think that the importance of SEO cannot be ignored when it comes to an E-commerce website like Prestashop SEO or other e-comemerce platforms such as Magento, Shopify or Wordrpess, etc.

1.      Customer Finding

The evolvement of technology has transformed the manner in which the customers actually purchase products. Search is now a critical part of the process involving decision making. Without SEO you actually run the risk of losing your profitable customers. No SEO means No Visibility.

No visibility means that there are a very few customers out there who actually know you. This ultimately means low sales and ultimately low growth. On the other hand if your competitors have a proper SEO department working then this means that they will earn more than you.

Even if you are someone who has high sales due to some odd reason; you will notice that without SEO you would not be able to expand your sales at all. Rather on the contrary there are high chances that with time you may start losing the profits which you are already making. To make progress in the online world you really need to come with a professional SEO strategy.

2.      Bottom Line Growth

Paying for the webpage traffic can be costly especially if you are involved in a business that has a lot of serious competitors. The money really gets wasted in things like banner ads and dollars per click etc. If you have an SEO which is effective then this means that your dependency on this kind of traffic is much less.

The buying of ads can be done there is no harm in it. However for such ads you need to have a nice finance as well. In case of any kind of financial crisis the SEO serves as a lifesaver that helps profit and sales flowing.

The traffic coming for searches of organic nature is free. There is no such thing like cost per impression or cost per click. The SEO nowadays is so famous that you can easily attract volumes of traffic which has high quality. The good part is that you do not need to make payment directly.  The only cost which you may have to bear is related to the hiring of a SEO professional.

3.      Long Lasting Effect

SEO promises results which are measurable, targeted, long lasting and cost effective. There is no stopping in SEO as long as you keep paying for your advertisement, the traffic will continue. SEO builds upon itself to grow robust over time. You just keep on building and ultimately dominate the market.

There are some cases where you divert your attention away from SEO however once you return; you find that SEO is as effective as before. The point is that SEO has a long lasting effect.

Search for a SEO professional

SEO can provide you with many benefits however it is still not something which can be done with ease. There is a proper SEO course which you need to do if you want to become a SEO professional. As a business owner you cannot do everything on your own. To make business operations smoother it is recommended that you should find a SEO professional for yourself.

Why Ecommerce is better than Traditional Retail?


Traditional Retail vs. E-commerce

The concept of retailing is very old where a shop owner places different products in his store which are sold ultimately to the final customers. The concept has been profitable and generally customers enjoy retail shopping as well. However the general rule of this world is that once a better trend surfaces, the people generally leave the older trend.
With the technological advancement, the concept of E-commerce has gained a lot of recognition in the market. The unique selling proposition of these E-commerce stores is “convenience”. People do not need to take time out from their busy schedules to visit a store now. All you as a customer need to do nowadays, is to logon to any Ecommerce website and order online the product which you wish to use.

Popular Ecommerce Stores of the world

Just to enhance your general knowledge, the popular Ecommerce websites of the world are as follows

  • eBay
  • Amazon
  • Shop
  • Overstock
  • NewEgg
  • BestBuy
  • FlipKart
  • Target
  • Alibaba
  • Walmart

Key Advantages which an E-commerce website offers!

There are countless reasons because of which we can safely say that E-commerce websites are a much better option as compared to traditional retail shops. With E-commerce, you can SEO (search engine optimization) your website or products to get top rank in Google search easily. The importance of SEO for E-commerce is Marvelous. The reasons are as follows

1.      No Limitations

A physical store has geographical limitations attached with it. You can only access the store if it is within your town or city. There is no such issue with E-commerce websites. In an E-commerce website, the entire globe is your playground. Nowadays we have M-Commerce as well which means that whatever geographical limitation was left has also dissolved.

2.      New Clients

The physical retail depends upon relationships and branding. These two drivers are also present in online retail however there is one extra thing as well on which online retail depends. This extra thing is traffic extracted from search engines.

It is not strange that a customer follows a particular link and ultimately lands on an Ecommerce webpage about which he/she previously had no information about. The additional traffic source serves as a tipping point for some Ecommerce companies.

3.      Much Lower Cost

The biggest benefit of E-commerce lies in its lower cost. The lower cost can also be transferred to the customers in the shape of discounts. There are many ways through which cost be deducted in case of E-commerce:

  • In Ecommerce cost effective advertising channels are available such as social media traffic, organic search engine traffic and pay-per-click
  • Automated payments, checkout, inventory management and billing lowers the cost of recruiting an employee for these tasks
  • No physical location is required so no rents or stuff!

4.      Fast Locating of Product

The general convenience for customers in an E-commerce store lies in the fact that they do not need to go through any kind of pains to find the location of the product which they want to purchase. They do not need to search around different aisles, rather they simply need to click the appropriate icon and purchase what they want.

5.      Cost and Travel Time

Going to a physical retail store involves travel cost. The worst part is that sometimes the store is located in a far-off location which means that precious time also gets wasted. There is no travel expense or time wastage in case of E-commerce! Simply make the click and get the desired product right on your door step.

6.      Comparison Shopping

Comparison shopping gets facilitated by E-commerce. There are countless online services through which customers can search about multiple E-commerce merchants and find the perfect price.

7.      Enable Group Buying, Deals, Coupons and Bargains

Things like group buying and deals are made convenient by online stores. For example if a client possesses a discount coupon for India at a particular physical store and toilet paper in another store, he may find it difficult to avail both the discounts. However the entire process becomes very easy In case of an online store.

8.      Huge Amount of Information

The amount of information that can be displayed in a physical store is much less as compared to an online store. Most of the information in case of E-commerce is given by vendors and there are no maintaining and creating cost.

9.      Target Based Communication

There are many tools like Google Analytics through which you as an E-commerce merchant can extract all the information pertaining to your customers. The information helps you in knowing about the buying patterns and general likes/dislikes of your clients.

10. No Closures

Physical stores have a time frame within which they operate. Not every physical store out their operates 24/7. In case of an online store there is no closing time. The website is operational 24/7 and no matter what part of the day or night it is, a customer can access the E-commerce site and make his purchase.

11. Niche Products

Niche products sellers and buyers usually find it difficult to locate one another in the physical world. There is no such issue as far as an online world is concerned.

E-Commerce And Its Influence


E-commerce stands for electronic commerce and it mainly refers to all types of data exchange that is done over the internet. E-commerce includes things like transactions, banking, insurance, advertising and a lot more. What e-commerce does is that it eliminates the face to face interaction between the two parties and helps them communicate without looking at each other.

E-commerce has changed a lot of things for us, it has been a big influence on our life. E-commerce is one of the most widely used method among consumers and buyers. With the help of this service, buyers and customers can negotiate on any deal face to face without having to deal with the middle man, so E-commerce is better than Traditional Retail.

The Power Of E-Commerce

The power of e-commerce cannot be neglected as it has broken barriers and territories. Buying and selling things has never been so easy. Below you will find some of the greatest qualities of e-commerce.

1.     No Limitations

One of the greatest benefits of e-commerce is that it has ended the geographic limitations that were previously a problem. Once upon a time, if you owned a physical store then you could only sell your products to the people who live in that particular area. This is no longer a problem because with the help of e-commerce you do not need a physical store. You store exists online and any person who can access the internet has access to your store. Hence, you can sell your products almost anywhere in the world.

2.     Gain New Customers

When you are running a physical retail store then you rely heavily on marketing and branding in order to get new customers. Although these two things are equally important for an online store, you also have an extra tool. You can use the search engine to your benefit and attract internet traffic towards your website. This extra source of getting new customers can be the kind of thing that your business needs.

3.     Cost Effective

E-commerce is one of the most cost effective ways to do business. This is because you can save your money in many places like marketing. Advertising and marketing is very simple as you can use social media, pay-per-click and search engine optimization to your benefit. All of these methods are extremely cost effective and you can use that money on other places to grow your business.

An e-commerce merchant does not need a physical store or prominence, this means that he does not need to pay rent or buy a place for your store. Everything is done online and you do not need to spend a penny on space.

4.     Searching For A Product

From a customer’s point of view searching for items or products on an online store is both easy and time efficient, you can Search engine optimization (SEO) your online store by use SEO module to get high rank on Google search or show your products for everyone. Having all of the products in just one place is far more convenient, if you have to buy clothes and technology then all you need to do is click on the right link and you can easily buy whatever you want.

This is not that easy when you are shopping in a physical store. Most of the time if you need to buy multiple items then you will have to search different stores or aisles until you get to the right place. This method wastes a lot of time and that is why many people today like to buy things online.

5.     No Travel Time

When you are shopping in a traditional manner then you will probably have to start your car and drive to the nearest mall or shopping center. This will cost you time and money which are two of the most valuable assets in today’s world.

With online shopping you do not need to go anywhere, e-commerce has eliminated this barrier. When shopping online all you need is an electronic device and an internet connection. You can easily search for the items you need and have them delivered to your door step.

6.     Comparison

With e-commerce you can compare different products to get the best price possible. There are many sellers online and each one gives a different price for a product. When you are using e-commerce then you have the option to easily visit different websites to compare the prices of products.


E-commerce has changed a lot of things and it has made life a lot easier for us. Buying and selling things has never been so easy. So the next time you need to buy a new phone, just go online and order your favorite one.

What do Captains Speak about us?


Toyota used E-commerce to show their products. They catch the new trend in business online a timely. We can’t assert: E-Commerce And Its Influence is so gargantuan.1. MS Sreedhar

Managing Director, Royal Sundaram General Insurance Company

We are delighted to be associated with the Automotive Dealership Excellence Awards instituted by FADA along with its partners. FADA has been rendering exemplary service to the Automotive industry for more than five decades.

2. Jnaneswar Sen

Senior Vice President, Honda Cars India Limited

Let me first congratulate you for the Golden Jubilee of Federation of Automobile Dealers Association (FADA) and wish you a future of growth and prosperity. The past 50 years has seen the Indian automobile industry transform into one of the fastest growing in the world.

3. Sandeep Singh

Dy. Managing Director Marketing, Toyota Kirloskar Motor Pvt Ltd

Toyota used E-commerce to show their products. They catch the new trend in business online a timely. We can’t assert: E-Commerce And Its Influence is so gargantuan.

ADEA awards is one the valued awards for the automobile dealers in India. Dealer is a vital link in our relationship with our customers and such awards extends apt recognition for all their hard work and potential. I feel encouraged to appreciate the good work ADEA is doing.

4. Tapan Singhel

MD & CEO ,Bajaj Allianz General Insurance

We are very impressed with the range of excellence that ADEA covers with their awards. Also, proud to announce that Bajaj Allianz has partnered with ADEA for the `Green Initiative of the Year’ award.

5. Nikunj Sanghi

Managing Director ,J S Fourwheel Motors Pvt Ltd

“I am humbled by the recognition given to me as the best dealer in the 3 Wheelers category. It speaks volumes of the process adopted as I am a small player in this particular segment.”

AWARDS Automotive Dealership Excellence Awards – ADEA


Automotive Dealers are the ‘connect’ between OEs and consumers, they play a crucial role in vehicle buying-selling process. Since 2009, Automotive Dealership Excellence Awards (ADEA), an inception of FADA & OVERDRIVE, is the only platform that identifies these dealers on the basis of best practices and initiatives undertaken throughout the year. Today, ADEA is considered as one of the most prestigious honour in automotive retail.

Nowadays, you can join in ADEA online because E-commerce is better than Traditional Retail. You can save much time for shopping, learn or business when you use E-commerce.

Award Categories

Main Category awards:

  • Two Wheelers
  • Three Wheelers
  • Four Wheelers
  • Commercial Vehicle

In Two & Four wheelers awards category, two dealerships will be recognised for “Dealer of the year in Luxury Category & Deluxe category”; “Most aspiring dealer in Luxury Category & Deluxe category”. Under Three wheelers & Commercial vehicle category two awards will be given away.

Parameter Awards:

These are jury awards for outstanding performance in each of the following parameters:

  • Green Initiative
  • Innovative Awards
  • Marketing Initiative
  • Employment Engagement

Customers Choice Awards:

Each two & four wheeler user can nominate his/ her dealer for this category awards if they feel that the service provided/ offered by their dealer are worth recognising.


Date: 10-11-12-13 March 2011
Venue: Chennai Trade Centre,
Nandambakkam, Mount Poonamalli Road, Chennai 600089. Tamil Nadu. India

Over 210+ Exhibitors participated
The exhibition attracted over 11,979 business visitors
Business of over Rs 34 crore was generated
Over 5418 business leads generated
Machinery movement of over 87000 kg
The exhibition covered a total area of 4400 sq. meter
Visitor Statistics: Category


Date: 7-8-9-10 January 2011
Venue: Poddar Plaza,
Near Gandhi Hall, MG Road, New Siyaganj, Indore 452007. Madhya Pradesh. India.

Over 270+ Exhibitors participated
The exhibition attracted over 11,159 business visitors
Business of over Rs 42 crore was generated
Over 5288 business leads generated
Machinery movement of over 79000 kg
The exhibition covered a total area of 4800 sq. meter
Visitor Statistics: Category


Date: 19-20-21-22 November 2010
Venue: Auto Cluster Exhibition Centre,
Opp. Premier Ltd, Pimpri-Chinchwad, Pune 411019. Maharashtra. India.

Over 225+ Exhibitors participated
The exhibition attracted over 12,117 business visitors
Business of over Rs 47 crore was generated
Over 6038 business leads generated
Machinery movement of over 89000 kg
The exhibition covered a total area of 4000 sq. meter
Visitor Statistics: Category