Compare Multi Vendor Marketplace vs Single Vendor Marketplace


An e-commerce site is a multi-vendor marketplace. There is a variety of products and variety of stores which is supported by this market place. Businessmen can sale their products online in two ways. They can sale the product through multi-vendor marketplace or can use a separate online store.

A wide range of products and goods is not offered by a single vendor marketplace. There are less resource needs and a very limited or minimum traffic on a single vendor marketplace as compared to the multi-vendor marketplace.

Single-Vendor Marketplace

If one needs a quick and many business processes which requires less effort, as a smaller number of people are involved in selling and buying of products with a single supplier we need a single-vendor type e-commerce. Dealing with a single supplier, one can set up more reasonable prices for the goods making them more valuable. On the other hand, there are some drawbacks as well.

Multivendor Marketplace

In the multi-vendor marketplace, there is an online setup in which a single seller can sell many of products that a corresponding website offers or are available on it.

If a website such as multi-vendor marketplace which can offer almost everything on a single place will increase traffic, it becomes bigger and better as compared to the marketplace which is single-vendor.

There are three type of people involved in the multi-vendor marketplace as mentioned below:

  1. Vendor
  2. Admin
  3. Customer

To register as an admin can average the products of the vendors and sellers on their own. Contrary to single-vendor marketplace one can generate more profit and better results.

For PrestaShop platform, there are some advanced PrestaShop marketplace modules (multi-vendor) which can help you easily build and run a multi-vendor marketplace. You can visit the official Addons Marketplace to discover which marketplace builder is compatible with your current website.

Advantages of Multi-vendor Marketplace

Multi-vendor marketplace is more suitable than single-vendor marketplace many of the times if you a medium or small business. There will be more than one supplier available who can provide a large variety of the products to you. There will be a variety or a greater number of suppliers available for you at a time if in case anything happens to one of your suppliers. You will have a big profit or advantage as your competitors are quick to get your wedge but your business will also have some kind of downtime.

Because of your product selection there will be a huge number of people who will come to your service. When there will be a greater number of suppliers, they will also bring loyal customers to you. There will not a need of money for promotions for your marketplace.

Reputation Management for Single- and Multi-Vendor Marketplace

A good platform must have two things in it. Large number of reviews and a good reputation. Each seller and a product are allowed to give reviews and a feedback in a marketplace. The quality of the goods and ratings of the buyers is a main concern of every seller. To become popular and famous marketplace the feedback and ratings of the customer is the most important of all. More customers will come to the marketplace after seeing the high ratings and thus the profit will increase automatically and your trust is being developed among the customers.

Creation Management for Single- and Multi-Vendor Marketplace

To start a new online business, you must have a knowledge about the marketplace. Management of many things such as:

  • You need to build a website.
  • Get the domain.
  • Manage the SEO part.
  • Manage the marketing part and many more.

For managing the online business above points are important.

Multi-vendor website is the best platform for the supplier and the seller for making things easier. To make the goods look better there will be some templates. There will be a less work for the customers and more profit for the seller.

Single-vs Multi-Vendor e-commerce Marketplace Process Management

There is an admin panel dedicated to every seller on e-commerce marketplace so that they can manage processing of order and the inventory till payment and invoice. There is an automated process for the vendor or customer. Sales of the system can also be tracked by the seller whenever he wants from the marketplace and all selling records can be accessed. Every detail and record of the product is available to the vendors so that they do not have to access outside the system and have more control.

There must be an accountant available for each seller for all the paper work.


For an e-commerce business there are many marketplaces from one can take a step. The start is the most important thing because you have to understand the online market. There are some defects and flaws in almost every marketplace but there are professional developers available in the market as well to eliminate the errors and help your marketplace. They can also suggest that what type suits you the depending on your business. The only thing is to understand the market and step into it and get in touch with everything happening in the online market.

6 Steps to Grow Your Ecommerce Business on Instagram


If you are thinking about how you can use Instagram to grow your business then you are in the right place. Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms in the world and it is becoming bigger by the day. Instagram is not just used by teenagers to share their vacation pictures anymore, instead, it is also used by businesses. Businesses from all over the world are using Instagram and the main reason behind it is that it allows you to reach a huge audience. So if you want to make sure that your business starts doing better, then you need to get on Instagram too.

Why You Should Use Instagram?

Instagram is no longer just used for posting selfies and animal pictures. For a long time, Instagram was used for that just that but now things have changed. The main reason why you should use Instagram for your business is that there around 800 million active users on Instagram every month. This means that it allows you to reach a much bigger audience and that is what you need as a business. If you are able to reach more people, you will make more sales which will grow your business.

Create Your Business Account

Creating an Instagram account is pretty straightforward. You just need to download the app, sign up and log in. You will be required to create the right username and choose a password. Keep in mind when you are creating a new account, Instagram will ask you whether you want to create a personal account or a business one and at this moment you need to choose the business account.

How to Navigate Through the Application?

When you open Instagram you will first see the home screen which is where everything happens. Then you have different tabs that you can visit. First, we have the timeline tab which shows your posts in chronological order, then you can also see your stories. There is the search tab where you can search for other users and more. If you want to create something new, then you will have to go to the creative content tab. You can also send messages directly to users through the direct messages tab.

Optimizing Your Account

Instagram is all about visuals, so if you want your business to do well on Instagram, you need to make sure that everything that you post on your account is visually appealing. You want your business to grow on Instagram and to that, you will need Instagram’s help for that you will have to optimize your profile. This is why just posting beautiful content on Instagram is not enough. You will want to make sure that you make your profile as attractive as possible, you need to make sure that you write the perfect bio. You have 150 characters for the bio, so make sure that it counts.

Create a Marketing Strategy

Instagram can be a very valuable tool for your business and that is why you need to use it properly. Just creating an Instagram profile is not going to be enough, if you want your business to do well, you will also need to create a proper marketing strategy.

The Content

Then you need to make sure that you are sharing the right kind of content on your Instagram. There are many ways to do so, you can share videos, photos or even post ads on your Instagram stories. No matter what method you are using, you need to try and keep the style of your posts uniform because that is going to make a huge difference.

Showcase your Instagram feed

Embed your Instagram feed on any page of your Shopify website – home page, product page, blog or even any third-party site. All you need to do is use the embedded code the Shopify Instagram app provides.

Let’s take advantage of your Shopify Instagram feed to share your brand story, customer testimonials (social proof), help customers visualize looks and discover more products on your store. Increase your customer engagement and sales in no time!

Everything You Need to Know About Social Login

Blog E-commerce

Finding accurate data on your consumers have become very difficult especially since data privacy has become such a huge deal. Due to this problem, a lot of brands and companies out there are using third party data collection techniques which are not at all accurate. By using third party data collection, companies get anonymous user activity, but this is not required when you are trying to build a truly meaningful user experience. However, don’t just lose hope because there still are ways that you can use to get better and more accurate data that you can use for the betterment of the user. One of the most effective ways is to go for social login.

What is Social Login?

If you are new to all of this, then chances are that you don’t know what social login is. Well, it is something that really makes the lives of users on the internet a lot simpler. Generally, users don’t like it when they are asked to fill out a registration form. This is because filling out a form is boring and takes a lot of time. Some users even leave the website whenever they are asked to fill out a form. Social login aims to fix this problem by providing the users with a simple way to login to the website. Almost everyone out there has a social media account, so with the help of social login the user can simply register to the website by using their existing social media account.

In this way, the website owner can get rich data including things like interests, relationship’s, age, gender, and even location. Another thing that you can get with social login is confirmation that the person visiting your website is really a human being. When you can identify the person based on actual information, it becomes easier for you to provide the user with an experience that they might actually enjoy.

Where Does Social Login Stand?

Social login, especially social login apps for Shopify platform is growing at a very rapid speed, this is because more and more business is starting to understand the importance of this login method. Shopify login with social network accounts also ensures faster registration which means faster conversion rates. It is considered to be a key component to get access to identity data that is relevant to the user. The best part in all of this is that social login is completely permission-based, therefore you can only get access to the data if the user allows it. There are a lot of social media platforms that the users can opt for when they are registering to a website. However, studies suggest that more than 70% of users choose Facebook.

The Benefits of Social Login for Consumers

Social login is not only beneficial for your business but instead, it also brings in loads of benefits for the consumers. This is easily understandable because if this wasn’t the case, then users will not have opted for this signup method. According to stats, over 70% of the users have said that they logged on websites using social media accounts. There are a lot of benefits of social logins and some of them are mentioned below.

One of the main benefits of social login is that users don’t need to remember their username and password for all of the different websites. People just don’t have the time to remember passwords for all of the websites that they like. Chances are that if they forget the password they might not even visit the website again. However, with social login, this isn’t an issue, because everyone remembers the passwords to their social media accounts. There is just one account that connects the user to everything.

Another benefit of social login is that it allows to user to register to a website they like in a matter of seconds. Sometimes, creating a new password and username isn’t an issue, the user just doesn’t feel like filling out a form. Luckily, with social login there is no need to fill out a form, all you need to do is click on a social media platform of your choice and enter your credentials. Just like that, you will have registered to the website.

Modern consumers don’t just want to read the content of the website, they instead like to discuss it. With the help of social login, this becomes easy because with social media you are always connected with your friends. With just a click of a button, you can easily share the content that you were reading with your friends so that they can catch up and have a discussion.

Lastly, perhaps the main reason why social login is so popular is that it allows the user to get a personalized experience when they are visiting a website. This happens because, with social login, the user gives the website a lot of meaningful information that the website uses to create the perfect user experience.

Benefits for Business

Social login is obviously also beneficial for business and there are a lot of pros that it brings. Most importantly, with the help of apps for social login Shopify, the website can get access to permission-based customer data. Customer data is invaluable and in the online world, it is everything that people talk about. With this data, you can make sure that you can give the customer the best possible experience and recommend those products and services that they are actually interested in.

Another benefit is that with this methodology, you can convert unknown visitors into actual customers. This is because when an unknown person comes to your website and only needs to register using social media, they won’t think twice. Social login has made life a lot easier for both the customer and the business because in the end, it is all about traffic. If more people register to your website and enjoy what they find, then they surely will talk about their experience with others and this will bring in more traffic.

Affiliate Marketing: How to Turn Product Recommendations into Passive Income


Entrepreneurs who are already running successful businesses know that there always more ways that they can opt for to grow their business.  When it comes to growing a business, the main focus is always on finding another mode of income. However, in this case, this doesn’t mean that you go and start a new business, instead, it means that you increase the profit that your existing business generates. One of the best ways to do that is to participate in affiliate marketing. If you are not using the affiliate marketing strategy as of yet then now is a great time to start considering it.

However, before you start doing anything, it is first important that you understand what affiliate marketing actually is. Affiliate marketing is an online sales tactic, and with this tactic it allows product owners to increase their sales by contact other product owners targeting the same audience to earn a commission by recommending a particular product to their audience. On one hand, it allows the product owner to leave a mark on the market and generate more sales and on the other hand, it allows the affiliates to earn money without having to manufacture their own products.

In other words, affiliate marketing is all about referring your product or service on other blogs, social media, and website. Each time someone makes a purchase through a particular link, then the affiliate gets a percentage of the profit. If this technique is used properly, it can make a big difference to your business.

How Does it Actually Work?

Now that you know the basic idea of affiliate marketing, the main question that now comes to mind is that how it works. If you wish to become a part of some affiliate marketing program for example, a PrestaShop affiliate program (affiliate program on PrestaShop – based online store), then there are five main steps that you need to follow. The steps are:

  • Find an appropriate affiliate program
  • Choose the offers you want to promote
  • Obtain a unique affiliate link
  • Share the links on blogs, websites and social media platforms
  • Collect commission anytime that link is used

Commission rates are subject to change, and it largely depends on the offer and the company. However, according to statistics commissions can be as low as 5% and as high as 50%. You can even find affiliate programs that offer a fixed rate per sale instead of a percentage.

The Benefits

There are a ton of benefits that affiliate marketing offers to you, and one of the biggest benefits of this strategy is how easy it is. As the affiliate, the only thing that you need to worry about is creating and selling the product. And you don’t need to worry about anything else. Another benefit of affiliate marketing is that it is extremely low in risk. This is mainly because there is no specific fee that you need to pay in order to join the affiliate program. This strategy can also generate a passive income which is a great thing if you are only concerned about making money. In the beginning, you might have to utilize some time to find traffic sources, but once that is established, you can sit back and watch those links generate income.

Another benefit of affiliate marketing is that it allows growing our business without taking too much help. You can easily introduce new products to your audience without affecting the performance of your previous products. Those products can continue to generate revenue in the background. Now you might think that affiliate marketing works like magic, but before you become too excited you need to understand that this whole campaign relies heavily on trust. Therefore, you should only sell those products that you think are good and you will use.

Finding Affiliate Programs

If you are thinking about entering the affiliate marketing game then you have got a few options. Firstly, not every company out there has their own affiliate programs and that is why some businesses need to start their own programs or opt for affiliate networks. One of the best ways to find affiliate programs is to visit an affiliate platform and search for your niche. There are a lot of affiliate platforms that you can find and they include FlexOffers, LinkConnector, RevenueWire, and ShareASale.

Another option that you can go for is to visit the website of the product or service that you like and see if they have an affiliate program. Some companies do not have their own programs however most companies do and that is something you can benefit from. Another approach is that if you find a great product, you can directly contact the owner and see if they want to partner with you in an affiliate marketing program. Affiliate marketing programs have pretty strict terms of service, so before you make any kind of decision, it is important that you go through the terms and conditions.

The third option is creating an affiliate marketing program yourself with the help of a PrestaShop affiliate module. From the Official Addons Marketplace, there are some advanced marketing module for PrestaShop that brings a comprehensive solution for your website. These modules can help you deploy loyalty, referral and affiliate marketing programs on your online store promptly and easily.

Your First Affiliate Program

As you are going through products and services one thing that you need to keep in mind is that no matter which product you choose, it should be in line with your audience. If you opt for a product that your audience is not interested in then it will be a waste of time for you and your affiliate. If you are a food blogger, then you will not be interested in clothing or beauty products. For such a blog, you need to look for products that are relatable such as ingredients and cookware. You also need to make sure that you are using the right platform for the promotion. For example, if you are promoting through images then you should use Instagram.

Creating a Promotion Plan

If you want your program to be successful, you will need to create good reviews. The best way to create a good review is to become personal with your audience. You should share your experience in a video or blog. In this way, the audience will know that you have used that product or service and are satisfied with it. People will certainly be more comfortable with your advice if they think that they can trust you. Trust is a big part of affiliate marketing because people need to trust you in order to go ahead with your recommendations. Besides creating a trust, you can also limit the number of affiliates you promote. In this way, the audience will know that you only promote those products that you think are worth it.

Create a Tutorial

Another way to boost sales is to make the product relatable with the audience. You can do this by creating tutorials for a particular product. In this way, if the reader can picture himself in place of you I the tutorial they are more likely to make a purchase. It is important that you give the customer a strong incentive to buy the product.

You also need to make sure that you look for the right search terms for your products. If you are promoting a product through blog posts, then you need to focus on the keywords because they are what the search engine will use in order to find that product. To find the best keywords, you can use tools such as Google Ads Keyword Planner and it is completely free.

Giving Bonus

If you wish to promote your affiliate program, you can offer bonuses for anyone who makes the purchase using your link. For example, you can give an extra sample of the product to the customer. In this way, the customers will know that you are a legitimate business and will only provide the best products. Affiliate programs can certainly make a difference and if you are not using and affiliate marketing strategy it isn’t too late to start considering it.

Highly Impressive Abandoned Shopping Cart Notifications


The Importance of Shopping Cart

E-commerce is surely the order of the day. According to one statistic, E-commerce alone is generating profits worth $300 billion. The major contributor in the high sales of the E-commerce sector is E-commerce with online stores based on Prestashop.

There are a lot of obstacles that need to be overcome in E-commerce business and one of the major obstacles is the Abandoned cart. One of the reports revealed the fact that around 68.6% of digital E-commerce or transactions get abandoned before the actual purchase has been made.


The reason behind the Abandonment of Shopping carts

You may be having the best Prestashop services and the best Prestashop website. Furthermore, Prestashop has a lot of abandoned cart reminder module to help you solve this issue. With the top developers in open source, they always do their best to create the feature modules . However, you must be witnessing those customers when just about to make the purchase abandon their order. This is a common phenomenon that has been observed and witnessed in the E-commerce world. The CEO of famous “Stuff N Style” Mr Nguyen is of the view that there are three factors that result in this highly irritating phenomenon:

  • The customers lack of urgency
  • Interruption
  • The interest of the customer is limited

A 2018 survey on the subject gave the following results

Price ·         32% of the customers thought the product as very expensive

·         The cost was found unexpected by 56% of customers

·         36% of the customers found a much better price


Technology ·         25% of the customers found the website too difficult when it comes to navigation

·         15% of the customers faced the issue of website getting timed out

·         The website crashed in 24% of the cases

·         21% of the customers found that the purchasing process is too fast

Commitment Issue ·         26% of the customers did not make the purchase

·         37% of the customers were just browsing

Security ·         17%  of the customers did not purchase the product because they thought that payment security is not their

·         Too much security checks was the concern of 18% of customers



The Main Strategies

The only way through which you can actually push the customers to complete the abandoned transaction was to send them relevant notifications. There are several notification strategies that can be adopted by you. Furthermore, Prestashop has a lot of abandoned cart reminder module to help you solve this issue. With the top developers in open source, they always do their best to create the feature modules, we can’t ignore Prestashop abandoned cart. Why? In the headings below we have briefly discussed these strategies

1.      Commitment and Passive Shopper

In many cases the clients add the product in their shopping cart however due to reasons like too much price or lack of desire for the product they really do not push for the product.  In such a case a notification can be sent which may result in enhancing the contact point the utilizer have with the particular product? The push notifications can be coupled with an inducement to make it more result oriented.

2.      Creation of Urgency

There are some customers who like the product and who also add it in their shopping cart however when it comes to purchasing, they are not in a hurry. For such customers you can place a limited time price incentive or you may push the notification when the product is about to get out of the stock.


3.      Right Timing

A famous digital marketing professional by the name of Bradbury is of the view that Timing plays a major role and is the key.  Many people send the alert message very early; similarly some delay it for too long. Neither of these strategies is fruitful, rather a balanced approach must be taken in this regard.

4.      Problem Solving

Mere price is not something because of which the customer may not be finishing of the purchasing process. There is no harm in sending an email to the customer in order to find what trouble he or she is facing. This is a good way to get the abandoned purchasers back.

5.      Uninterrupted Shopper

Interruptions can also cause abandonment issue as well however this is not very common. If such a thing happens then all you can do is to send a notification to the client or user that he or she is having a product in the shopping cart.

6.      Personality

It is relatively easy as far as making the customers to get products in their shopping cart is concerned. Of course if a customer is for any reason not buying the product then in such as a case a notification email can be sent. However the notification should not be dry rather rich promotional content should be there in it.

7.      Be Precise and Specific

Mere abandoned shopping cart email will not solve the problem. There are many customers who simply ignore these emails and notifications. To get the right response, these notifications should be crafted with lot of sense. The notification should be customized and the customer must feel that he is the one who has been directly spoken too.

Customer Retention

Famous Bradbury says that abandoned notifications serve as the key to recovery what could be simply a lost sale.  The strategies that have been mentioned above can really make things happen for you!

How to Manually Upgrade Your Prestashop 1.6 Prestashop 1.7?


Upgrade Prestashop 1.6 to 1.7 can be tricky depending on what approach you take. If you wish to keep things easy then it is recommended to use Prestashop Migrator module to upgrade your website to Prestashop 1.7 in a few clicks. However if you’d like to upgrade Prestashop 1.6 to 1.7 manually, you can follow steps described in this article.

It is sometimes difficult to get your Prestashop site upgraded with the conventional methods and that is why you need to use some other techniques. It is sometimes easier to upgrade the Prestashop site manually. Below you will find a complete guide that will help you upgrade Prestashop 1.6 to 1.7.

                            Upgrade Prestashop to 1.7 with Prestashop Migrator

Upgrading to Prestashop 1.7 from Prestashop 1.6

Here you will find step by step instructions that you need to follow if you wish to go from Prestashop 1.6 to the latest version available

  1. First and foremost, it is recommended that you back up all of your files and databases that you were using with Prestashop 1.6.
  2. The next step is that you will need to download the latest version ( of your Prestashop to your computer, which in this case is the Prestashop 1.7. You can use this link to download the file.
  3. Unzip the file that you just downloaded and then change the name of the admin folder to the one that you use. Then delete the upload folder.
  4. After then you will have to zip everything into a new folder, then upload the new file to your website’s root folder, for this you will want to use cPanle or a FTP client. Once uploaded, unzip the file.
  5. Then open “”, then you will start to see messages that tell you the result. If everything is okay then you can move to the next step, but if you see white page then click troubleshoot.
  6. Lastly, delete the install folder along with the class_index file which is located in the cache folder.


Upgrading Prestashop 1.7 to the Latest Version

If you are already using Prestashop 1.7 and want to upgrade to the latest version available then there are ways to do that too.

  1. Much like before, you will first have to ensure that you have successfully backed up all of your files and databases. This is because you will not want to lose any of your precious data during the process.
  2. Then you will have to download the latest version of Prestashop that is currently available. Then unzip the file that you just download and rename the admin folder to your name.
  3. Then open the Upgrade.php file which is present in the install folder and remove the following two lines from it.

$this -> upgradeDoctrineSchema();

$this -> enableNativeModules();

Removing these two lines is extremely important, if you do not remove the first line then there is a chance that you will be welcomed by the white page. If you do not remove the second line then all the native modules will be activated.

  1. Copy the parameters.php file and paste it to the config folder. The delete the custom.css file.
  2. Then zip everything into one place and upload the file to the root folder of your site and then unzip it.
  3. Then open the to see whether everything went good or not.
  4. Delete the install folder.


Use the migration module to upgrade Prestashop to 1.7, Why not?

Manually upgrade Prestashop from old version to Prestashop 1.7 is possible, however it’s headache! You should only do that if you’re an experienced Prestashop developer. Otherwise our suggestion for you is to use a Prestashop migration module to migrate your website to latest Prestashop 1.7.

Prestashop Migrator is the best Prestashop migration module we have seen so far, we have tried several ones but other modules are not stable. The module is available on Prestashop Addons at:

With this module, you can migrate your website from any old Prestashop version (1.4.x, 1.5.x, 1.6.x) to latest Prestashop 1.7 in just a few clicks!!

Forget all the complicated and hard to remember configuration steps above, with Prestashop Migrator – an innovative migration module for Prestashop, all you need to do will be wrapped in 4 steps below:

What makes this migration module great?

Fast and secure:

You can migrate a large data package from your old site (Prestashop 1.6 or lower versions) to Prestashop 1.7 in few minutes. The migration is secured with token as well as security checks, you will be ensured that no third-party program can access your data.

Keep customer password and SEO ranking:

Your dear customers can still use their old accounts to login on the new Prestashop 1.7 store. After migrating, your website SEO ranking on search engine result pages such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. will be unchanged.

Internet connection interrupted isn’t a big problem:

This Prestashop migration module provides you a detail migration history log. By using this log you can resume or restart migration if your internet connection crashes.

For a more detail list of Prestashop Migrator features and support service, please navigate to this link:

10 easy steps for WooCommerce to PrestaShop migration


An E-commerce platform is a very important factor for your business as far as favorable customer experience is concerned.  Yes initially you may have not selected the best eCommerce platform and there are high chances that it lacked important features and applications, however, to take your business to the next level you need to get your E-commerce platform updated.  The migration of an E-commerce platform is not that easy and there are certain steps that you need to follow to get the job done successfully.


The 10 Migration steps

If you want to successfully migrate your current website to Prestashop then for this you need to follow the basic steps that are mentioned below:

1. The Domain Name

If your migration involves a web host which is new then for this you need to ensure that your domain registration is well in order.  By proper registration, we mean that you must be the owner of the domain name. You should have the right to update your DNS and log into your domain account.  The problem that can really frustrate you is when your last provider has registered your name of the domain. The issue can be resolved through a bit of negotiation.  It is recommended that you should start this process earlier.

2. The Current Process

For proper business growth, you need automated business processes.  You need to do some research with regards to how the new platform integrates with payment processes, shipping vendors, and accounting systems.  Before you actually move to PrestaShop, ensure that it is compatible with your business dynamics.

PrestaShop is one of the most popular E-coommerce platfrom in the world. Prestashop has the leading developers with a huge network of Add-ons, friendly customer service and professionalism, which is the best choice for beginners in E-commerce. And nowhere can you find a way to migrate data with just a few simple steps.

If you want to migrate WooCommerce to PrestaShop but you haven’t any programming knowledge. Let ‘s experience WooCommerce to PrestaShop immediately, all your worries will be resolved thoroughly.

3. Security certificates

You need to move your SSL certificate to the new server. You need to check whether the new platform allows you to share the same SSL certificate. There are some platforms which prefer that you purchase a new SSL certificate.  There is no rocket science involved in the movement of the certificate, however, remember that all the certificates are not suitable for web server software. You need to ensure that your current certificate works before you make the actual move.

4. Data Transfer

Site migration can be both easy as well as challenging.  It all depends on the easiness of the data transfer from one system to another.  In the majority of the cases, you can easily export your orders, products, and accounts through a tab-delimited format and then get the data imported into the new system.

The importing of data becomes difficult if your products are complex. The majority of the Ecommerce platforms provide necessary charts for their structures (database).  If you find data migration difficult then in such a case, seek the assistance of a professional.  Some of the modules which you can utilize for data migration are Upgrade PrestaShop 1.6 to 1.7 Module, Prestashop Migrator and Woocommerce to Prestashop (Migrator Module).  The mentioned modules are ideal if you want to migrate data to the latest PrestaShop 1.7

5. Don’t Use Search Engine

Before going for migration it is recommended that you should study the URLs and Page titles of some websites utilizing the new system.  You need to adjust the URLs and Page titles and make them identical to your current website.  To make the process easy you can install 301 permanent redirects of the old URLs to the ones which are new.  This actually means that you can develop a file on the server that shall direct search engines and web browsers to a URL which is new. Of course, the URL is on your site.

6. Email and Interruptions

During the site migration, you need to keep your email flowing.  We recommend that there is a way through which you can check the email on new servers as well as the old server for almost 48 hours after the migration.  You need to review all the accounts which your company utilizes. After the site gets to live, test each and every address on the new site in order to ensure that email is functioning perfectly.

7. The Live Date

48 hours before the site migration, update the DNS records by logging into your server management account. The process will set the time to live within 300 seconds.  After the updating of the DNS, the changed address data of the website becomes viral on the internet within 5 mins.  You have to depend on the global internet routing system if you are not able to adjust the TTL.

8. Testing

You need to place some test orders before you actually make your site live. You also have to confirm whether the new site is in connection with the system of payment processing.  It is recommended that you should remove all the bugs so that your customer experience does not get compromised.

9. Transfer Scheduling

It is recommended that you should do the cut over in the morning. Doing it early in the morning is the best time, since most of the customers are not active.  If you are successful in establishing TTL then the change will happen immediately which means that you can do the test orders and ensure everything is fine.  Access to the log files of the new and old server, means that you can have a fair idea about the traffic of your website.

10. Do not discard the old site

It is not a bad strategy to keep the old site active for a month which is overlapping. This also provides you the opportunity to archive the previous files.

These were some of the main techniques which you can apply for migration.

7 Helpful Ways To Increase Sales


Customers nowadays tend to ignore the difference between sales and support. Both of these things are very different from one another. On one hand the sales department needs to find ways to increase sales for a company, whereas the support panel is charged with the duty to help the customers figure out the products or services that they have purchased. However, nowadays customers tend to contact the support department for sales questions or it can be the other way around. This however is not a completely bad thing as you can use it to your advantage.

Some Ways To Use Support To Increase Sales
Support can be used in favor of sales as it can help increase it. Below you will find some of the best ways to increase your sales using customer support.
• Quick Replies
• Praise Worthy Responses
• Helpful Advice
• Let The Agents Do Their Jobs
• Become A Hero
• Try To Build A Relationship
• Use Live Chat Modules

1. Quick Replies

One of the main things that you should do in order to increase sales for your PrestaShop website is to make sure that your sales representatives are able to give quick replies to the customers. According to research, customers nowadays expect the company to give an answer within 5 minutes and if they are not treated with one within the time then they start to get impatient. So you need to make sure that your customer remains calm and is able to listen and understand what you have to say about his questions. You should choose the live chat PrestaShop and support online response to your customers quickly.
If customers are treated with a quick response then there is a high chance that they will end up paying more for a service. Such a service can even turn your customer into an ambassador of the brand and might affect the sales positively. Beside, you should improve the page loading speed of your website! If you have a Prestashop website, you can install Super Speed module – an all-in-one speed optimization tool for Prestashop, it will help simplify the default speed optimization process of Prestashop and make your website faster than ever!

2. Praise Worthy Responses
Another thing to keep in mind is that your sales reps should give good responses and replies to the customers. This is because if a customer gets a helpful response from the brand then they tend to tell their peers about your customer service. In this way more people get to know about your company and this can increase your sales.
More people will start to visit your website and this will ultimately increase your sales and generate a lot of profit for your company.

3. Helpful Advice
When a customer contacts customer support then they are probably looking for some help. Some customers are unable to understand that what a product is and how it works and that is why they need help. When such an occasion arises then ensure that the customer gets the best advice possible. This is because if the customer finds your advice helpful and likes the product then they will surely leave a positive review for your company. The math is simple at this point, the more positive reviews you have the more customers you will attract.

4. Let The Agents Do Their Jobs
Brands needs to give their representatives full liberty when they are talking to customers. This is because sales reps are given scripts to follow then customers start to get weary as they are not able to get the answers that they wanted and that really frustrates them. So, if the reps are let loose and allowed to talk in the manner they want then the customer can easily be satisfied with good answers.

5. Become A Hero
In order to make the most of your customer support and help the sales it is important to trust your representatives. It is very important to make sure that the people who are talking to the customer are fully educated about the products and are able to give the best answers. If the representatives are able to this then the customers will easily be impressed and that is what you want as a company.

6. Try To Build A Relationship
It is very important to build a good relationship with the customers because for a company to prosper it is mandatory to have good relationship with the customers. This can only be achieved if the brand finds the best ways to keep the customers happy and talking to them is one of the most effective ways.

7. Use Live Chat Modules

Besides using the blog to share news, ideas about your products and newsletter popup to collect customer information, PrestaShop SEO module to improve SEO for your website, you can use live chat PrestaShop module to communicate directly to customers. Live chat modules are something that must be used by all PrestaShop website. This is because they provide the best possible medium for the customers to communicate with the brand. With these modules the customers are able to save a lot of time as quick responses are given.

These were 7 of the most important things that you should know if you want to make the most of customer support to help your business.

Starting a Blog in 2018: The Methodology!


A Blog: Why?

If you want to know your true potential in this boom or ere of digitalization then you need to start blogging. The current year in 2018 is ideal for starting such an exercise.  You need to start with blogging immediately if you want to prosper in the year 2018. In the headings below we have discussed some reasons why you need a blog in 2018.

1.      More Audience

A blog actually serves as a bridge between you and your audience. Secondly, a blog is the best medium when it comes to boosting of online influence. However to create such an influence you need to come up with engaging and quality content. You need to socialize keeping into consideration your thoughts as well as mindset.

2.      Source of Rapport and Engagement

Coherency results in the higher engagement of audience with the blog. If you are able to create a unique set of people then this will automatically improve overall frequency of the visitors. The phenomenon will ultimately result in the development of greater rapport.

The blog is the importance of SEO for E-commerce, It can attract any more customers visit your website and increase the business benefits of E-commerce!

For the creation of community and boosting of agenda you need to target a specific set of individuals. In 2018 it is perceived that companies will use influencer strategy to market their services and products. This means that opportunities for bloggers are huge this year. Good engagement will result in high reward.

3.      Make Cash

To make cash you need to impose ad revenue. To get the best revenue for the blog, it is preferred that you should go for Google AdSense. The best way to earn money nowadays is to go for Pay-per-click advertisements.

Product placement is another way through which money can be made. All you need to do in this regard is to endorse different brands or you may even sell your own product or service.

4.      Assist Individuals

If your blog has high reach then through this you can contact different people who are in need of your care and support.  You can provide relevant aid to individuals who want to raise funds and who are in need. A Blog can really make a huge difference in today’s world.

5.      Reasoning and Writing Skills

To come up with the right blog you need to come up with a deep understanding with regards to the topic on which you want to ride. For a professional blog you need to do extensive research and exploration.  You need to be consistent with your blog if you want to get your writing skills and speed improved.

The Art of Blogging

Now let’s see some of the key things that play a huge role as far as coming up with an attractive and proficient blog is concerned:

1.      The Blogging Platform

The platform serves as the base of your blogging. You need to choose your platform very carefully. To choose a platform you need to check the functionality and interface. The functionality should be high and the interface should be safe and secure.

Some well-known platforms are PrestaShop, Blogger and Tumblr etc.  The most popular among these platforms is PrestaShop. The platform is currently used by around 72 million people belonging to different countries of the world. You can choose the PrestaShop Blog to create the professional blog to share your knowledge, product or duscus a news with your customers and fans.  The major benefits linked with PrestaShop are as follows

  • The platform is highly customizable with a lot of themes
  • The platform is free and open source
  • The platform is home to security checks and serves as a shield as far as hacking is concerned

2.      Hosting and Domain Name

Try to come up with a domain name which is very easy to memorize. However the name should be linked with the overall theme of your webpage. The domain name’s cost may vary.  The web hosting should be selected keeping into consideration the uptime in account and the load speed.

3.      Blog Designing

You need to select from a good number of themes as far as designing of blog is concerned.  Secondly you need to get the plugins installed too. Lastly your blog should be SEO friendly too.

PrestaShop can be a great help in this regard since it is home to 2000 designed themes.  You can set down some links on your blog, simple URLs are the key to success in the case of Blog

4.      Addition of posts and pages

After following the above mentioned tips now you are ready to get your blog posted. The key to posting is that the content should be relevant and redirects the customer from one particular blog to another. Plagiarized content is a cardinal sin, so you should avoid it. The content should be original.

5.      Blog Promotion

To get the right results you need to promote the blog and this can done by making the relevant connections with different bloggers already in the field. You also need to learn Google Webmaster Tools if you really want to succeed.  You also need to integrate the blog with social media.

Start Now!

A Blog really has a great impact on your perception and lifestyle. It is the best means to connect with the entire globe.

“Don’t Waste Time, Start Now”

PrestaShop Newsletter Popup Module


PrestaShop is undoubtedly one of the best tools that you can use today for building websites and making them more useable. A Blog module is absolutely necessary for you when it comes to blog management of your website. There are many options in the market as far as Blog module is concerned however not every module out their delivers what it promises. One of the best blog module that you can use nowadays is none other than PrestaShop Newsletter Popup Module.

What Is PrestaShop Newsletter Popup Module?

The PrestaShop Newsletter Popup Module is one of the most useful modules that you can use on a website. With the help of this module you can have a beautiful newsletter subscription form popup on the website. This module is very helpful especially if you are searching for more and new subscriptions to your website every day. One of the best things about PrestaShop’s Newsletter Popup Module is that it features over 9 templates that are very easy to customize and can easily match your PrestaShop website.

The Features

PrestaShop Newsletter Popup Module is home to some amazing features that can help you create the most amazing website, you can research “Everything About Popup Messages“. They are as follows:

1.      Design

Design is one of the most important aspects to consider when you are working with a website. Without good design it would be almost impossible to attract any customers and that would be detrimental for your website. In addition to over 9 customizable templates, PrestaShop Newsletter Popup Module features many more helpful attributes. For one, the module allows the user to create their own templates for maximum personalization. For this customization you can use things like, custom CSS, custom color, short codes and HTML editor.

The module also features over 6 animation effects that can easily give some aesthetics to your newsletter popup. You can cycle through many different animations and it is a real bonus.

2.      Advanced Features

The features that PrestaShop Newsletter Popup Module brings along are exceptionally good. One such feature that gives you the control over the popups is time options. With the help of this feature you can fully control the frequency and duration of the newsletter popup. Another feature that you get access to with PrestaShop Newsletter Popup Module is custom content.

With the help of this feature you can decide that what type of content and messages you want to be displayed on the newsletter popup. With the help of other such feature you can even have links to various social media websites on the newsletter popup. This increases connectivity and allows users to easily share the newsletter with the people they know.

3.      Emails

When you are dealing with subscriptions and confirmations then emails play a very important role. Verification emails are something that are required on both ends so that a connection can be established between the website and the subscriber. With the help of PrestaShop Newsletter Popup Module you can easily manage the sending and receiving of confirmation emails and that is certainly an added advantage of this module.

4.      Others

Some of the other helpful features that you can use with PrestaShop Newsletter Popup Module are mentioned below:

  • Full synchronization with PrestaShop Newsletter System.
  • Responsive PrestaShop newsletter popup module.
  • Add voucher codes with HTML.
  • Ajax submission.
  • Custom popup delay time.
  • Custom CSS editor
  • Just press “ESC” key to hide popup.


With the help of PrestaShop Newsletter Popup Module you also get a few additional perks that can enhance the whole user experience.

For starters, when you purchase this module you automatically get 3 months of support and updates. This means that after you purchase the newsletter popup module then you will get technical support for 90 days and you can even get access to the updates of the product as well.

There is another feature that is known as “option Zen”, with this feature you can get access to two services. The first service is that you get access to all the updates that are released during the time that you avail the option Zen. The second service is that you also get unlimited after-sales support during the period.

Consider to implement Prestashop contact form module to collect other customer information (not only email) and allow customer to contact you easily via a contact form.


These were some of the main thigs that you should know about PrestaShop Newsletter Popup Module.